Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Which wash cycle to use?

That really depends on your washing machine and the clothes you're washing. Different washers use different terms, and they change from brand to brand, and even product to product.

Generally speaking:
Whites: For your white clothes- typically you want to use warmer/hotter water for this cycle, and you may want to add some bleach. Think about it. This is where much of your underwear and socks will go. Wouldn’t you like hotter water and bleach to help disinfect before you wear them again? Me too.

Colors: This cycle will be cooler, and you probably won’t be using bleach, unless it’s a color-safe bleach. Regular bleach with colored clothes = time to get a new wardrobe.

Permanent Press: A wash cycle that is of medium speed and has a cool-down cycle. This combination reduces the wrinkles in the clothes, and is perfect for washing clothes like blouses and sport shirts, as well as casual business clothes.

Delicates: This cycle is going to use a very gentle agitation so it doesn’t ruin your delicates – think silk, satin, bras, etc. (Anything that might get ruined by rough treatment.)

Good luck, and if you really aren’t sure – check the label, and if worse comes to worse, try cold water and a gentle/slow spin to wash.

Oh- and remember NEVER to wash wool sweaters. I learned that one the hard way, and my favorite sweater is now small enough for the family dog.

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