Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dry clean at home!

I’m cheap. I’ll admit it. I don’t like paying a dollar an item for dry cleaning, and I’d easily spend an extra $500 a year if I dry cleaned as often as I’m supposed to.

But there are a couple of products that let you dryclean at home. You’ve seen it before, right? You just take your clothes that are supposed to be dry cleaned, zip them into a bag with a pre-moistened cloth, put them in your dryer for 30 minutes, and then hang it.

This whole routine is a heck of a lot easier than taking things to the drycleaners – and you can throw in things like sweaters and other hard to clean items.

Here’s a link that does a great job explaining how these dry cleaning bags work:

Granted – those bags are nice, but lets think… These bags are just heat plus moisture. Where have we seen that before? How about inside steam dryers! So you can go either way – keep buying the bags, or just make sure your next dryer has steam!

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