Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hampers: The overlooked helpers.

How do you get your laundry to the washing machine? You could carry it by hand, inevitably dropping socks and unmentionables behind you as you go. You could carry them by sack, though having a large sack of dirty laundry in your bedroom may look a bit tacky.

Sacks were fine in college, but come on, really? Then there are a whole mess of hampers to choose from – those that collapse, those that roll, and those that hide. When deciding on a hamper, there are a couple of things to consider: Ease of transportation: how easy will it be for you to get your hamper to the washing machine? Do you have to go up/down stairs? If so, how will that rolling hamper help you?

Do you have to take it to a Laundromat? Then you might consider something flexible, making it easy to get in and out of cars. If you have your own home, and have the room, you might consider a hamper that blends in with the d├ęcor- some hampers now look like small chests that allow you to tilt open the front to throw your clothes in.

Do you have kids and hate taking the time to sort? Perhaps you want smaller hampers, but want to get several – each room can have their own pair of hampers: one for whites, one for colors, and then everyone is responsible for getting their clothes into the correct hamper, and for getting it to the laundry room by laundry day. That way, the person doing laundry doesn’t have to do all the sorting. Whatever your choice- don't forget about how convenient these little guys can be!

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