Monday, August 18, 2008

Designing the Ultimate Laundry Room

I know sooooo many people (including myself) who don’t have a laundry room. Instead, they (we) have our laundry machines tucked away somewhere- the corner of our basement, a deep closet, etc.

But what if you could design your own laundry room? My parents did – they installed cabinets above their side by side washer/dryer, and hung a couple of bars for a place to hang items that have been ironed.

There are also some handy accessories for your laundry room- lots of people are getting pedestals that go under their washer and dryer – these provide a storage bin, as well as a perfect height for taking clothes in and out of the machine. Whirlpool has taken it upon themselves to add a few more goodies- first, the 1-2-3 Worksurface. That surface gives you a heavy-duty continuous surface on the top of your machine – allowing you to fold clothes or rest other items on top, without worrying about them falling in the crack. (I swear, someday I’ll move the machines and get that button!)

For those with room next to your machine – Whirlpool also makes laundry towers – can you say “More storage room?” Not only is there more storage room, but there is a pull-out rod so that you can hang items! What do they look like together? Not too shabby.

And if you really want to re-work a room in your house, check out this design my room website, which lets you create a room, add appliances, move them around, etc.

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