Monday, August 11, 2008


Lately, there has been a big to-do about steam. Lots of washers and dryers are adding it, as well as other appliances. Is steam really that big a deal? YES. It can be a very big deal. In dryers, high temperatures combine with moisture and helps relax wrinkles and freshen your clothes. In washers, the steam can get rid of the need for pre-treating, because the hot steam penetrates and loosens up the stain.

You see, wrinkles are formed using heat and moisture. Ever notice how your clothes end up wrinkly after you sweat in them? Well- your body heat and sweat caused the wrinkling. When you move clothes to the dryer, they’re all wrinkly from the heat and moisture from the wash cycle. However, if you have steam in your dryer, your clothes get steam treated as they tumble dry, causing them to have fewer wrinkles as they tumble and fluff a bit. I wonder if they could invent a steam treatment to keep US from wrinkling as we age…

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