Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The math behind a high efficiency washer

Looking for a reason to switch to a high efficiency washer? How about 3 reasons:

1) You Save Water – Normal washers use around 50 gallons of water per load while High efficiency washers only use around 18-25 gallons of water per cycle. This is a HUGE savings!

2) You Save Energy – Do you know how much energy is takes to heat 50 gallons of water compared to only having to heat 18-25 gallons? You’re using around half the energy!

3) You SAVE MONEY – Guess what those water and energy savings turn into? Money in your pocket! Will you have to pay extra up front for the high efficiency appliance? Yes- probably. But you could save money in the long run – just look at how energy costs are increasing. The actual amount of money you’ll save varies on how much laundry you do, and the price of water and energy in your area. And in some areas, you can get rebates for buying energy efficient appliances – here’s a rebate in California that can give you back as much as $135 (if you qualify)!

So lets go over that again.... you get to save the environment, AND money?!?!? Tell me again why we aren't all buying high efficiency washers!?!


Anonymous said...

WOW - this was great info - thanks. Any info on washer odor?

Linney Shvede said...

I love my HE washer, but I got the huge one and almost can't reach the bottom. Not good for an aspiring old lady!